Graphic Design, Challenging the Perception

International Poster Exhibition
"Graphic Design, Challenging the Perception"
When: Friday 15th March 2019

Where: Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation
Time: 21:00 - 22:30


"Graphic Design, Challenging the Perception" is the theme of the 3rd International Poster Contest by Graphic Stories Cyprus.

The contest was attended by 820 designers from 27 countries! Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Cyprus, Ecuador, France, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Skopje, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela, Zimbabwe.

The creative idea: Design is the common language of millions of people on earth, owes its power and effectiveness to the diversity of its creators, their particular perception and their heterogeneous roots, but knows no boundaries, commitments, religions or green lines. Design has become the most powerful means by which man can shape his environment and thereby, society and himself and cause a real change. Graphic Design has the power to shape, influence, challenge, and eventually change the common perception, the way we see, understand or interpret something. Graphic Design requires creativity and imagination, and these are based on perception. What we perceive is more than what our eyes or ears bring to our brains, it is a product of our own mind. Perception is a combination of what we see, our past experience, and our particular view of a situation. It is also the ability to see, hear or understand something through our senses and then interpret it using logic, emotion or in any other way, ultimately producing a mental impression. Perception is not static, but it is altered and shaped, influenced by a number of factors. Visual communication designers have not only the right tools and knowledge but also the responsibility to challenge, influence and change the common perception. The theme of the contest, “Graphic Design, Challenging the Perception”, as well as the respective exhibition, aim to highlight and promote the value of Graphic Design in terms of shaping and challenging the common perception. Participants in the contest were invited to visualize their thoughts, ideas and concerns about Design’s power to shape and challenge the perception, they were asked to challenge the perception.

In the contest participated 820 designers from 27 countries around the world, and the jury comprised of 10 well known visual communication professionals, including: David Carson [United States], Paschalis Paschali [Cyprus], Spiros Drakatos [Greece], Tonia Avgoustaki [Greece], Nikos Gazetas [Greece], Behnam Raeesian [Iran], Sina Afshar [Iran], Michael Antonopoulos [Greece], Rob Snow [England], Chao Yang [China].

The 50 distinguished designers of the contest, in alphabetical order, are: Abdulkerim Turkaya [Turkey], Agnes Rozmann [Hungary], Anastasia Novoselova [Ukraine], Anastasiya Filipenko [Ukraine], Andri Solomon [Cyprus], Argyris Athanasiades [Greece], Audrey Gonnet [France], Chao Wang [China], Christina Kalli [Cyprus], Christodoulos Christodoulou [Cyprus], Christos Gregoriades [Cyprus], Daniel Warner [United States], Dimitris Kanellopoulos [Greece], Edwin Cerln [Colombia], Elpida Zacharaki [Greece], Fatemeh Toorani & Atefeh Nezami [Iran], Francesco Mazzenga [Italy], Hajime Tsushima [Japan], Kai Wang [China], Kateryna Lavrentik [Ukraine], Kateryna Stovba [Ukraine], Konstantinos Christodoulou [Cyprus], Lee Giltae [Japan], Lihao Su[China], Maria Mozgovaya [Ukraine], Mario Estévez [México], Mario Fuentes [Ecuador], Natalia Polom [Poland], Naufan Noordyanto [Indonesia], Patrycja Longawa [Poland], Priscila Ortega [Mexico], Signorini Léa [France], Sung Jae Kim [South Korea], Thanasis Bertahas [Greece], Vicky Deli [Greece], Wenjie Huo[China], Xinhao Pan [China], Xu Yue [China], Yongkang Fu [China], Zhao Feng[China], Zheng Jiajing [China], Andreas Alkiviadis [Cyprus], AndreasPanayi [Cyprus], Gavriella Maneva [Cyprus], Hong Tao [China], Leandros Agamemnon [Cyprus], Luis Antonio Rivera Rodriguez [Mexico], Marilena Papakyriakou [Cyprus], PavlosAndronidis [Cyprus], Sara Ali [Cyprus].

Prizes Sponsors: Bank of Cyprus and Parachute Typefoundry | Total worth of: €2000

Guest Posters: The exhibition hosts an additional 17 posters from remarkable designers, including the world-renowned designer David Carson [USA], and the following in alphabetical order: Adonis Papadopoulos [Cyprus], Aggeliki Athanasiadi [Cyprus], Andreas Pitsillides [Cyprus], Aristarchos Papadaniel [Greece], Chao Yang [China], Charis Tsevis [Cyprus], Costas Mantzalos [Cyprus], Irini Gonou [Greece], Kirill Sukhanov [Russia], Kostas Kanellopoulos [Greece], Michalis Theocharides [Cyprus], Nataliya Schigorets | Kosygin University [Russia], Paris Koutsikos [Greece], Sina Afshar [Iran], Spiros Drakatos - Tonia Avgoustaki [Greece] and a sculture from designer Alain Fattal [Cyprus].


Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

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