Philip de Castan

Open discussion with the public, on Visual Communication and beyond

Philip de Castan, a well-known designer and one of the first graphic artists to work in Cyprus, will attend, as a lecturer, the 4th Graphic Stories Cyprus. Subject and purpose of his presence, a free and sincere discussion with the audience attending the conference, answering questions and raising concerns about the present as well as the future of Visual Communication. Having a 45-year creative career in Graphic Design and Advertising, as well as a life full of experiences, he will share his thoughts and at the same time will seek a two-way communication with the public through an open lecture - discussion on Visual Communication and not only. Increasingly rarely your luck brings to your path people who manage to win you from the first moment with their directness and kindness but also by keeping your attention not only with their sharpness but also with their sincerity. People who have learned not to hide behind words and formalities. Philip de Castan is one of them.

Philip de Castan, Born 27 March 1945, is one of the most respected and talented graphic designers from Cyprus. He was among the pioneers of visual communication in the Island and has a fruitful carrier that spreads through six decades, gaining a wide experience in all forms of Applied Arts: Graphic Design / Corporate Identity / Packaging Design / Publications. Philip was a founding member, partner and Creative Director of Telia + Pavla Advertising Ltd and he has worked as an Art and Creative Director both in the united Kingdom and Cyprus. During the 70s he performed as a musician in a UK band. During the period 1996 - 2000, posted as Cyprus Airways' Corporate Designer & Consultant, responsible for the change of the Company's Corporate Identity and Livery at the time. At present he works as a Freelancer Designer and Design Consultant.

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