Panayiota Michael

Workshop for children!

Workshop [4] - Writing, the origins of Civilisation

When: Saturday 10th March 2018
Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation
Time: 10:30-12:30


Writing since the ancient times is a way of visual communication, it takes shape and becomes a way of expression. Each letter carries its own character and acquires a personality, becomes part of a wider set of "the word" and together they create a small society with a structure, the "sentence" where besides the audio message they carry the visual stimulus which is photographed as a picture by the mind to communicate even more directly to the reader's subconscious, ideas, images and emotions.

In this workshop, children are invited to give the form of cartoons to the letters - characters, through the technique of anthropomorphism and to attribute the characteristics of the letter itself through the image they will create, completing the final form they will choose through lines, colors and shapes.
The workshop itself is a fun process of introducing and understanding the principles of visual communication and graphic design and the use of various fonts for the transmission of messages as well as a means of synthesizing visual messages and achieving visual communication with the recipients.

Children will create their own alphabet with cartoon characters that will adapt to themes of their own choice. Then they will help to support this new institution by making a letter from their personal font that they will offer for the graphic stories logo. The final result will be a part of a project that will be exhibited in the exhibition hall.

Panayiota Michael was born in Paphos in 1987 and she studied Illustration for Animation in the United Kingdom. She works as a Graphic Designer & Cartoon Illustrator in Paphos where she participated in a variety of art projects and workshops. In 2009 she represented Cyprus in Brussels at the Eurocartoon Exhibition as she was honored with the 1st Prize in the National Cartoon Contest in Cyprus. In 2014 she was invited to visit public schools in order to present the profession of cartoon artist and show to hundreds of kids how to design their own cartoons.

Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

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