Costis Papatheodorou

Lecture - Revolution & Artists

When: Friday 15th March, 2019
Where: Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

How much revolution does a paint tube carry?
How many artists does a graphic tablet launch?
Art advances hand in hand with technology and our perception follows.

Workshop - Digital Painting

Workshop [3] - Digital Painting
When: Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th March 2019
Where: Aigaia School of Art & Design, Cyprus
Time: 10:00-17:00 [13:00-14:00 Break]


Photorealistic Digital Painting for Beginners and Advanced Be the best digital illustrator you can be. Develop your digital painting skills step by step and learn the basic and some cutting edge methods and techniques from a top digital painter. At this workshop you will learn: how to draw realistic black and white and colour portraits. the painting fundamentals (shape and form, light, colour and tone values). how to take advantage of under drawing (imprimatura) a solid foundation for any painting program such as Photoshop, procreate etc. photoshop tips, tricks and shortcuts.

alternative software: krita (freeware), corel paint,procreate, autodesk Sketchbook

Laptop with a graphic tablet (wacom etc)
alternative: tablet (ipad or android) with drawing app (procreate, autodesk Sketchbook)
Notepad + pen/pencil for notes.

Basic knowledge of photoshop (menus, shortcuts etc)

My name is Costis Papatheodorou and I am an Athens based Greek artist. I started working as an art director in ad agencies for international and regional clients. I soon realized that what I really wanted was to become an illustrator. I did and I have been working as one for the last 15 years. My illustrations have been featured as cover, interior pieces and tutorials for Newsweek int. edition, L’ Echo des Savanes and Photoshop Creative magazine. Besides working as an advertising illustrator, I also find great joy in painting portraits and caricatures.
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