Lecture | Branding vs Design
Overcoming the subjective aesthetic.

In a time that design seems to become more superficial, we embark on a quest to find the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything Branding. Everyone wants to be a rock-star-designer but is it all about self-satisfaction? How can we create a visual communication that delivers outside subjective preferences? We discover the concepts of the Creative Briefing and Goal Driven Design, and how we can use them to create designs that provide real value to all parties: the Designer, the Client and their specific Audience. As designers, we love to believe that design is some kind of art, and in many ways it is. But creating art and creating value are two things that they don’t always mix well. Let’s see how we can bring them together and make design mean something more than an elitist luxury or, even worse, a meaningless commodity.


● Intro
● The illusion of the artist-designer
○ Everybody wants to be a rock star
○ Historic examples
○ Reality strikes back
● Design as a commodity
○ What if everyone was king?
○ Design for the sake of design
● The meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything Branding
○ What is Branding anyway?
○ The importance of creating Value
● Extracting the right information aka Briefing
○ When the client knows
○ When the client has no clue
○ Briefing as a creative tool
● Goal Driven vs Impulse Driven
○ Setting the goals
○ Controlling the impulse
● No two projects are the same
○ Telling stories
○ The ability to make choices
○ Everything flows
● Outro

Workshop | Create a Brand Core Manual
Pinpoint the essence of any Brand & help your clients provide real value to their audience.

In this 6 hour, hands-on workshop, you will learn how to create a Brand Core Manual, the essential guide for any Brand that needs to build a solid foundation to base its communication on. You will learn how to organize and a Creative Audit, to help yourselves and sometimes your clients, understand their position in the market and the audience they want to address. You will discover how Goal Driven Design can benefit any Brand and how to extract those goals from even the most unclear briefing. In the end the Brand Core Manual, works like a road map that you and your client can reference through the whole journey in their brand’s communication. More importantly, it will create added value to your services, as it will elevate them above the commodity level that is often associated with mainstream graphic design work.

Spiros Drakatos became engaged with graphic design because at the time it seemed like a good idea. After his occasionally fascinating studies in Athens and London, he came back to the motherland, determined to change the world through design. He never had a good relationship with the idea of working for somebody else, so he worked in various visual communication projects as a freelancer, showing a loving preference in publication design. He devoted about a third of his life to teaching design and tried to persuade an upcoming generation of young graphic designers, that visual communications is not all about pretty pictures. He still wonders if the message came through. In 2004 he found the meaning of his professional life by co-creating Sereal Designers with Tonia Augoustaki and Nikos Sideris. Through Sereal he satisfies his schizophrenic tendencies between applied and artistic communication. Their work spans through the whole range of visual communication and it has been internationally awarded. He hasn't got a biographer yet, so he writes his own bios, mostly in the third person.

She studied visual communication and she is working in the field of branding and visual communication for 18 years. After working in a large advertising companies, she was the co-founder of the award-winning (in Greece and abroad) creative agency SEREAL designers (Heraklion - Athens) - currently known as SPIR.TO - , for the last 10 years. SPIR.TO branding & design is a cloud based agency with associates and clients from all over the globe . She has participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad with artworks and installations. Restless spirit, she always creates from the heart. Her portfolio consists of Installations, photographs, interior design, and visual communication narratives. Her inspiration and creation plays an important role in her life.
She believes that everything is connected and that inspiration comes from the eyes of everyone in relation to life itself.
Her motto: Embrace creation! Creation is life! In any form! 

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