Charis Tsevis  Visual Designer
"The Graphic Stories Cyprus is a celebration of design for Cyprus but also for beyond. Each year it brings together creative professionals from the island, from Greece as well as artists from other countries in an effort of education, communication and socialisation. I had the pleasure to be a speaker at the GSC and I enjoyed the level of organization but also the responsiveness and positive energy of the participants. What delights me the most is the tremendous progress I witness to take place every year in this tradition. I wish the best for an establishment that is very much needed."

Klimis Mastoridis  PhD, FIOP, FIP3 Professor of Typography & Graphic Communication and Associate Dean of the School of Humanities & Social Sciences, the University of Nicosia, Cyprus
"In my limited capacity I have tried providing a helping hand to the "Graphic Stories Cyprus" friends and it was a great pleasure to participate as a speaker in the very first event that took place in 2015 in Nicosia. Since then many things have changed; the events and workshops have grown and matured, contributing to the improvement of the field of visual graphic communication in Cyprus. I wholeheartedly wish you health and strength to continue with the same unfailing energy to surprise us with your fresh, interesting, and so necessary, for this place, ideas!"

Dionysis Dionysiou  Consultant of the newspaper "Politis"
"Graphic Stories Cyprus 2015, was a well-content and aesthetically nice organization that inspired and gave opportunities for perceptions to many young people and also brought together the whole of the graphics community of Cyprus. The "Politis" newspaper wants, seeks and supports such events because it considers that promote culture. We feel proud for our, albeit small, contribution to the overall effort which is undoubtedly credited to the unappeased “graphic” passion of Aggeliki MK."

Philip de Castan  Graphic Designer - Illustrator
"My participation at the Graphic Stories Cyprus Conference was an experience that made me feel very nice as I had the opportunity to meet old and beloved friends and colleagues but also to meet young people and it was a great honor for me to talk to the audience. It was really a Celebration of the Arts with a lot of positive vibrations and hope for the future in our field. I warmly thank to Aggeliki, Miltos and all those who took part in their way to the absolute success of this Celebration!"

Evripides Zantides  Associate Professor of Graphic Communication & Head at the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts at Cyprus University of Technology
"The Graphic Stories Cyprus is an excellent initiative which presents and promotes important topics related to the history, research, theory and practice of visual communication. Arguably, contributes to the cultivation of fine arts but mostly of applied arts. Its introduction as an annual event would be prosperous for the general public, the culture of design and of visual communication in Cyprus."

Aristarchos Papadaniel  Syllipsis
"The 2nd Graphic Stories Cyprus congress was the positive development of the original concept that characterized this special meeting of visual communication designers in Cyprus. Many thanks for the pleasure and honor of being one of the speakers and for having the opportunity to develop my creative “graphic story” in front of a very warm public and at a historic site, the Gate of Famagousta. With the gaze of visual communication pointed to tradition but also to modern technology, the two workshops – calligraphy and ePub e-book creation – which were hosted, gave to those who participated unforgettable creative moments. I wholeheartedly wish the 3rd congress to vindicate the vision of the organizers and to become a beneficial establishment with international impact in the happenings of the island."

Nikos Gazetas  Graphic Designer, Adobe Certified Instructor
"I had the honor of being an instructor at one of the workshops of Graphic Stories Cyprus and also the pleasure to attend the remaining actions. I enjoyed tremendously noting that the organization is gaining the, so much needed, lost ground in the field of Visual Communication in the Island of Cyprus. Everyone’s positive energy and appetite and their warm welcome was admirable. The excellent organization of this meeting is credited to the organizers who exaggerated their self for the establishment of this event and Design in general in Cyprus! For me it was one of the most pleasant and refreshing experiences I had. Thank you very much!"

Rob Snow  Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Web Designer
"Visiting Cyprus and being part of this great initiative for designers from all around the world, Graphic Stories Cyprus, was one of the highlights of my year. Warm, friendly people who open their arms and welcome you like family. The events are well organized and the atmosphere is cordial and educational as well. I would fully recommend attend these events if you have the chance. The flight is worth it!!"

Dr. Nicos Souleles  Design Education Academic & Researcher
"I was fortunate enough to make a presentation at Graphic Stories Cyprus, and I was impressed by the enthusiasm of the team to offer every year an exciting, meaningful and professionally relevant event. I consider Graphic Stories Cyprus to be an annual highlight for visual communication practitioners in Cyprus."

Michael Antonopoulos  Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Editor
"Graphic Stories Cyprus is a great conference that has a clear structure and vision. Participants, audiences and lecturers, interact more than any other event I have so far participated or attended. By participating to it, you surely gain more knowledge and an expanded visual perception."

Fanos Christofi & Miltos Sergiou  eBOS Technologies
"It was a truly an amazing experience and we feel very fortunate that we could be a part of it.We really appreciate the opportunity we are given by Graphic Stories to share our knowledge and to be with a group that share so many common interests."

Aphrodite Iliopoulou  Design Engineer
"Graphic Stories Cyprus: a journey full of “Graphic-Stories” on the wonderful island of Cyprus. A meeting point of reference for visual communication designers for Cyprus and abroad. My “Graphic-story” recounted to the public how design meets politics. Undoubtedly the future holds many such “unusual” Graphic Stories to be told."

Lila Skanavi  Graphic Designer, Co-founder of Worldwide Graphic Designers
"Graphic Stories Cyprus meeting was an incredible experience for me and I'm glad they given me the opportunity to be a part of it. There are not enough words to describe the hospitality and the high level of the organization, you have to be there to realize the great effort of those people to create that amazing event, a celebration of design and visual communication. Thank you so much!"

SpirTo - Spiros Drakatos & Tonia Avgoustaki  Brand Strategy & Visual Communication
"Our experience in Graphic Stories Cyprus was unforgettable! The warm atmosphere and generally the whole energy of the Conference worked very positively, helping young people and not just designers to share their ideas and vision. We are proud to have participated in such a creative event. A great thank you to Angeliki and Miltos for the invitation and for the excellent organizing of the conference."

Panayiota Michael  Graphic Designer, Illustrator
"The Graphic Stories Cyprus Conference was a fantastic experience where the whole "family" of graphic design tied so nicely and the ideas flourished in an environment that inspired us for future actions as well. It was touching to have the honor to take over the children's workshop at this great celebration of Graphic Design and Visual Communication. I want to thank the organizers and wish them the best for the future to come."

Andreas Rossides  3D modeller & Digital Sculptor
"As a member and a representative of “Countryside Animafest Cyprus – Views of the World”, I was blessed to have the opportunity to be one of this year’s speakers, and with my presentation to connect the animation world with the graphic design world of the island. In a welcoming environment filled with talented and creative individuals, I became one with the artistic spirit of the conference and experienced the positive vibes and the knowledge that was shared throughout the day. A must-attend event for all designers and artists of the island. Hats off to Aggeliki and Miltos for making this happen and for maintaining the conference’s growth. Keep up the good work!"

Renos Demetriou  Creative Director / Brand Engineer
"I saw value in Graphic Stories from the very first time that it was brought to my attention. I was more than happy to be involved, help and connect it to our activities as the Cyprus Creative Club. Any event and initiative that promotes, educates and delivers the true nature and character of what our profession is or should be all about, should be supported and valued. With renowned professionals from Cyprus, Greece and other parts of the world Graphic Stories has been doing just that and has been doing better every year."


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