Vladimir Radibratovic

Lecture - Calligraphy

When: Friday 15th March, 2019
Where: Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation


I am going to talk about her majesty; the letter; and the playful search for the unique shape and form of letters. Did you ever ask yourself how come that something so simple as a letter, one or two straight or curved lines are being created over and over again and when will this madness get to the end? The answer to this eternal question mystically showed up in a dream to me, and I am going to reveal it to you in a prophecy, or two... And, before the end I was talking about, of this creation of letters, we are all going to add our share of designs to that madness with our alphas and omegas I am going to show you some of my designs of letters, some ordinary and common, and some unortodox, and tell you about the way of thinking behind it. I am going to show you letters I made with usual tools for calligraphy and letters made from hair, flour, stones, clouds, coffee, and wrinkles of my forehead.

Workshop - Calligraphy

Workshop [1] - Calligraphy
When: Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th March 2019

Where: Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation
Time: 10:00-17:00 [13:00-14:00 Break]


Each writing tool, and in particular the calligraphy tools, has its own special features and distinctive properties. Depending on usage, it has the ability to capture lines of different quality each time. In this workshop we will work with two very basic tools for calligraphy, but which present several differences between them, the pen and the brush. The participants in the workshop will practice and become familiar with the usage of both tools and will learn to create lines, symbols and letters of different thickness and quality, from fine lines to very intense. The purpose of the workshop is to enable the participants, by following the instructions of Vladimir, to create compositions of words and lines that can be used either to design a logo or to design a Tattoo.

What you need to have for the workshop:
Participants in τηε calligraphy workshop will need to bring with them: Watercolors (aquarelles) in tubes, cassia, aquarelle papers for the watercolors, writing papers, Pilot Parallel Pen 2,4mm, Pentel aquash brush Set 3


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